A little about us

Outpacing Competitors

Our world has experienced rapid technology advancements, technology is constantly changing the way in which we live and do business.  Our operation is no different.  Combining unparalled technology with predictive data intelligence, COSO is always one step ahead of our competition.

COSO Load Board

We have partnered with Bulkloads.com to provide our Load Board to carriers.
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Creating the new industry standard in logistics. COSO combines best-in-class technology with our unmatched logistics network and backed by our 24/7 support team. We strive for smarter solutions to drive your business forward.


Solutions are in our name. We believe technology holds the answers to some of the world's most complex problems. We strive to find solutions for complex problems by investing in cloud-based, predictive, intellgience infrastructure.


With a clear vision and strong leadership, we value tenacity, integrity, transparency, reliability, and above all; execution. Passionate about the future and motivated by the past, COSO brings a new face to the future of supply chain technology.

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